Rock Path

ROCKPATH was founded in 2017, located in the city of fashion and creativity, Milan.

The company mainly engages in brand operation, product introduction and channel sales, exporting high-quality electronic products to consumers in Europe and CIS countries. Its main brands are ROCK and rock space.

ROCK and rock space have been committed to R&D digital life gadgets for over 10 years. Its wide range of categories includes Mobile Phone Accessory, Smart Home and Networking products, of which the smart film plotter is the core value of the brand “rock space” as the customization service solution provider.

The rock space smart film plotter provides one-stop solutions for customizing smartphones, tablets and laptops protectors on-demand. Offering customers different protection options.

At the moment ROCKPATH operates in more than 30 European countries, over the years it has established several partnerships with local brands, stores and distributors. Our global business partners include Huawei, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and etc.

ROCKPATH breaks the ice of technology with fashion and fun.

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